Complying with EU data privacy laws: The DQME3 Project Personal Data Protection Policy

From May 25th, 2018 new EU laws have been in force to protect personal data privacy. These laws require us to provide a Data Privacy Policy for our Project, especially with regard to data collection for our newly restored DQME Webpage. It also requires us to ask you to confirm that you have read and agree to our Personal Data Protection Policy details below.

(1) The DQME3 Project is, and always has been, a philanthropic, educational, non-commercial and non-profit association and will never pass on private/personal data to any other person.

(2) The only reason personal data is retained is so that we can, if necessary in the future, legally protect copyright material on the DQME3 website that people have accessed by registering and sending us their personal details (given name, family name and email address only). By so doing they have agreed that we can retain their details should any future legal dispute arise with regard to copyright material on the DQME3 webpage which they have accessed.

(3) Please note that all personal data is held in a secure Linux Server and/or in password controlled computers under our constant supervision. Personal data will never be made available or exposed to third parties for any purpose except with the explicit agreement and permission of the person concerned.

(4) The  two custodians of the DQME website are: (1) a specialist professional computer colleague who is the creator and web master of our website domains and (2) Alan Rogerson, formerly Polish partner in the DQME I and II EU funded projects.

Please email if you have any queries or concerns regarding our Project’s Privacy Policy.

Dr. Alan Rogerson, D.Phil (Oxon), M.Sc., B.Sc., B.A. (Lon), Dip.Ed., Cert. Ed. (Cantab).

26th June, 2020.

By pressing the ACCEPT button you agree to:

(1) Use the DQME material ONLY for your own personal study and for your students.

(2) Ensure that the DQME logo is visible at the top of all materials used.

(3) NOT use the material for commercial gain or claim it as your own.

(4) Accept from us from time to time BCC emails informing you of further useful educational developments in mathematics education.