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The following international directory consists of individuals currently working in mathematics education in Mozambique.

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Gerdes, Paulus,, (Mozambique email:; Universidade Pedagogica; C.P. 915; Maputo; Mozambique; On sabbatical leave during 1996/1997 to: The University of Georgia; 105 Aderhold Hall; Athens; Georgia 30602-7124; USA; Tel: (706) 542-4045; Fax: (706) 542-4551 2947 (we are very sorry to receive a report that he has passed away)

Ismael, Abdulcarimo,, Departamento de Matematica; Universidade Pedagogica; C.P. 3276; Maputo, Mozambique.

CassyBhangy, bhangy@nambu.uem,Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Department of  Mathematics & Informatics; C.P.: 3637,; Maputo; Mozambique;Tel: Fax: + 258 - 1 - 485 312.