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The following international directory consists of individuals currently working in mathematics education in Singapore.

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Chua, Yin Hsiang, Ian,,;  ACE-Learning Systems Pte Ltd; #06-95 Ubi Techpark Lobby E, 10 Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408564;  Tel:  (65)-90603398.

Dindyal, Jaguthsing,, Mathematics & Mathematics Education, NIE7-03-39, 1 Nanyang Walk, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 637616, Tel: (65) 67903906, Fax: (65) 68969417

Ng, Swee Fong,, National Institute of Education; School of Science/Maths Division; 469 Bukit Timah Road; Singapore 259756;
Tel: (65)-4605900

Wong, Khoon Yoong,, Mathematics and Mathematics Education; National Institute of Education; 1 Nanyang Walk; S(637616); Singapore; Tel: (65) 62196128; Fax: (65) 6896 9417;